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"A week at summer camp gives kids the opportunity to be outside, gain independence, try new and exciting activities, develop confidence, be physically active, meet new friends and have fun! Every child deserves a week at summer camp, and I am thankful that Camp O’Malley is able to give so many children an experience they will always remember."

- Amanda Alters, Camp O'Malley Director


Mission: To enhance the character of our youth through recreation, education, and positive community experiences in partnership with the Grand Rapids Police Department.

Vision: To provide a world-class Camp experience that offers young people access to new activities, skills, and ways of learning in a unique environment that will also support the development of successful students, responsible citizens and healthy individuals.

At Camp O’Malley, our goals are to encourage campers to try new things, meet new people, learn social skills, make healthy choices, become good stewards of the environment, have fun, work as a team, become physically active, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Our Mission

To enable all young people to reach their full potential as responsible citizens through education, recreation, and other positive community experiences in partnership with the Grand Rapids Police Department.

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Paul I. Phillips


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Steil Club


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Camp O'Malley


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